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Nozoki Ana Sub Indo

56445 6 - Nozoki Ana Sub Indo

Alternative TitlesSynonyms: A PeepholeJapanese: ノ・ゾ・キ・ア・ナInformationType: OVAEpisodes: 1Status: Finished AiringAired: Feb 28, 2013Producers: Studio Fantasia, Toho CompanyGenres: Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Romance, School, HentaiDuration: 55 min. per episodeRating: R+ – Mild NuditySynopsisKido Tatsuhiko moved to Tokyo to attend an art school and start his new life. In his new room, there's a small hole in the wall. At first he can see nothing through the small hole, but one night, through the peeping hole, he saw a girl named Ikuno Emiru, a perverted voyeur who ropes him into her peeping fetish… But each winds up getting more than they bargained for.Bundled with the limited edition of the manga's 13th and final volume.Sumber : http://myanimelist.net/anime/17157/Nozoki_AnaLink Download Nozoki ana Subtitle IndonesiaEpisode 1(Ova) : Mediafire – MultiuploadLink Download Nozoki ana Subtitle Indonesia 3gpEpisode 1(Ova) : Mediafire – MultiuploadStreaming Episode 1

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